Yoga for your Spirit: Combining Tarot and Yoga


Tarot and Yoga??? Aren’t they two different things? 

First of all, yes, they are two different things but are completely similar in some ways. This is something we will be talking about. Yoga is usually done to enhance body balance and flexibility. Practicing yoga daily can help you maintain a proper body posture, boost metabolism and prevent diseases.

Tarot is more like a tool of manifestation and interpretation. They come in different kinds of decks. Tarot has a vast history of being in practice since the 1480s. Every card from the deck symbolizes a different meaning.

What is a Tarot Reading?

Reading tarot is an acquired skill to manifest a solution for a certain unsolved problem or an issue. People always see tarot reading as an exclusively future reveal practice.

It is much more than that. They help to enlighten your inner self to pass down the righteous part in life. They don’t give a solution but give ways to pass the worst.

People often ask themselves the question: what does a tarot do?

Tarot does not possess magical abilities or powers and is not connected to your physic or soul. But they give hints and show paths to make your choices with spiritual enlightenment and confidence. This can help with many aspects of a person’s life such a relationship or a career and even understand your inner self and their subconscious.

Bakasana pose - Yoga for Spirit

Tarot X Yoga

Tarot and yoga are just too similar. We use yoga postures or asanas to exercise our body physically, whereas tarot does the same but mentally. They do help to get clearance about any situation. It’s more like triggering yourself to find what you actually need and what makes you happy.

Yoga also gives you happiness. In other words, it’s the peace you find after yoga or meditation. They indirectly work on calming down your impulses and senses, giving a warm and fresh feel.

Here are some things which connect them both:

  • The swords of tarot symbolize how to be, as does the raja yoga.
  • The chalices of the tarot are the same as bhakti-yoga showing how to love.
  • The pentacles of tarot and hatha yoga show you how to live.
  • The wands of tarot and karma yoga represent the desire to create.

Things to pay attention

Tarot or yoga are both for spiritual and physical wellness; they don’t predict or depict anything unless you make it up for yourself. While reading tarot, you may receive some negative responses that do not mean that it is meant to be that way. Remember, everything will have two loose ends; it totally depends on you to grab the right ones. Being practical will help you to overcome anything.

Shoulder stand Pose - Tarot and Yoga


We are all familiar with this trend of manifesting, right?? It is not witchcraft. It’s just you manifesting a strong desire and aligning the things in your life. This positive attitude creates an atmosphere for favorable results.

Tarot and yoga are practices to get stability in thought and walk. They aid you in clearing your mind and finding balance in life. They indirectly help you to have personal growth to meet the inner self that will be you with an easy-going and positive attitude.


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