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Are you looking for a guest posting opportunity in this health blog? You can write for us in this Finess Yoga and health blog. We are ready to accept wide variety of categories which are not limited to Yoga only. You can become a contributor for various other categories – health, Body Building, Workouts, Exercises, Dieting, Healthy Food, Relationship, and Weight Loss etc. If you are an experienced outreach expert, you can reach to us with Google or Bing or other tools for finding the opportunity to write for us on our blog. We cover Yoga, and workout related things and you can search us through with various terms – Yoga “write for us” or workout “write for us” both are fit here.


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Every information post here is to help the readers only. If your website is informative, (not commercial pages as we treated those affiliated links) we’ll gladly link to it. However, for the product promotion between the article – we may take charge from you.

We gladly accept guest posts and preferred only informational posts. For the sponsored post on this blog you can contact us on the email id

We do offer writing opportunity for two kinds of folks mainly:

  1. Health services company or professionals – those who are looking to promote their services through this platform and want to take advantage of our readership. We treat them as commercial only. We can help you to promote your infographic too.
  2. NGO/Awareness events – For those we do offer this space equally and give them opportunity to use this platform to aware more people. We won’t take any charge from them.

We do offer guest post writing opportunity for brands and charitable organizations only.

  1. Either you are a company or professional who are looking to promote their services. We have various content writing opportunity for you. You can submit the content or infographic. Do make sure we treat them only commercial.
  2. Charitable organizations can contact us either. This platform is opened for any type of awareness campaign details whichever you want to share with our readers.

For any type of advertisement or write for us, commercial query – email us