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A shower. One of the things we do in our daily life. For some people, they need to do it once a day or more, for others maybe none at all. If you ask anybody when was the last time they showered, the answer is probably less than 24 hours ago, maybe they did it before they go to work or school, or maybe they did it at the night before.

Whether it’s a hot shower or a cold shower, shower is not just a shower. They have many benefits for your health. Based on, a shower can lower stress, get rid of bacteria, cure for pain, and treat high blood pressure.

Shower has been a part of our daily routine no matter how old you are. If you are a healthy fit adult, it must be easy for you to do it because you do it everyday. You might be able to do it in under 3 minutes. However, it is different for older people like your parents or grandparents. The duration of the shower is not the only concern. Our main concern is the safety.

Why we need safety measurement?

As soon as your loved one enter the bathroom, they have the higher risk of slipping and falling due to the wet floor. If you were the one experienced it, maybe you are still able to react quickly to your reflexes and grab something to balance your body. Or maybe it’s just a blind luck. However, it is not the same case with the elders, because their body is not what they used to be. Maybe they are not quick enough or strong enough to hold on to something when that kind of bad accident happen. If it happens, the injury will be worse for the elder. That’s why the elder need the support and all the help they need.

NSC states that falls is in the top three leading causes of preventable injury related death. 1 in 4 elderly falls each year. One of them is happening in bathroom. Bathroom falls become the leading causes in injuries and death among elderly people. One of the simplest daily routine people do that has a possibility to become the danger. The truth is, this thing is preventable. The risk can be minimized or eliminated entirely. If you are asking how to do it, the answer is bathroom safety.

Bathroom Essential Aids

What can we do about it? The first thing you have to do talk to them. You have to offer your help and support and be open about it. Consult with their doctor or specialist if it’s necessary.

The second thing to do if you already consult with your loved ones and the professional isto find essential bathroom aids based on their needs.In this article, I’m going to tell you about several bathroom aids that is essential for your loved ones.

1. Shower Seat

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that most of 200,000 non-fatal bathroom injuries that recorded in the U. S each year happened around the shower or bathtub area. Shower seats provide necessary assistance and support to elderly people who can’t stand safely. You can install it for your parents or grandparents, or you can do a modification for the entire bathroom. A several things you need to consider when choosing a shower seat is:

  • How much space do you have in shower or bathtub?
  • How much weight the chair needs to support?
  • Do you want a fixed or an adjustable shower seat?
  • Has the doctor / specialist recommended particular type of shower seat?

There are several types of shower seat

  • Teak Wall Mount Fold Down Shower Bench

  • Transfer Bench with Back

  • Drive Medical Rotating Bath Stool

  • Padded Shower Chair

  • Shower Chair with Backrest

2. Toilet Safety Frame Rail

Standing up from a toilet might be tricky for some elder. If they have back or joint problems, it might be hard for them to stand up without support. This rail is use to give the elder a grip support when they try to stand up from a toilet. It supports weight up to 300 lbs and has adjustable fitting features that fits all standard toilets.

3. Anti Slip Shower Mat

Shower mat provides sufficient grip to minimize risk of falling because of wet floor at the bathroom. The different between the ordinary shower mat and anti-slip shower mat is their material. Usually anti slip shower mat is using PVC vinyl material that provides sufficient grip with its 200 suction cups, not only its functioning to prevent slip, usually it provides a great massage for the foot too.

4. Bath Step

This is only necessary when your bathroom has a bathub and your parents or grandparents love to take a bath. If they don’t use the bath, you don’t have to install it. The bathroom step is a slip resistant platform that provides support and safety for the elders to move in and out of the bathub.

5. Grab Bar

Grab bar is one of the most essential bathroom aid that can help your loved ones to take a grip when they get in or out of the shower. It is usually found in hospital bathrooms or disabled bathrooms. The newest version of grab bar can be removed and repositioned wherever its needed.

6. Medical Alert System

Last but not least is a medical alert system. This is something you need to install, because even with safety measures in place, there is still a possibility that accidents happen. So, if your loved one need help, they can simply ‘call’ with a medical alert system. It is usually a bell or pull rope that will alert another person outside the bathroom.

Final Words

Another things you can do to make it safer, is to pay attention to the details. Even smallest details matter to their safety. For example, you should leave a light on bathroom at night so your loved ones wouldn’t have difficulties when entering it. And its always a good thing to make cold and hot faucets clearly by making a sign with different color. For safety measure you should make a door locks that can be opened from both sides, but make sure to ask if your loved ones agree with this. And adjust the thermostat so it won’t be too hot to shower.

The last step needs to be done is to always communicate with them. Make sure they are comfortable with all the new tools you installed. Help to show them how to use it. Care for them. In conclusion it’s better to be safe than sorry. Its always better to make many preparations. At first, it might use all your time and energy, but in the end, you wouldn’t need to worry because you already prepare so much for your loved ones!

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