Yoga to fight Asthma


Air travels to our lungs through the airways called bronchi. When the wall of these airways become narrow, a person experience difficulty in breathing. This condition is termed as asthma. Mucous membranes which are present in the respiratory passage, secrets a thick substance known as Phlegm. Generally when we get cold, the production of phlegm increases. In the membranes of asthma’s patient, phlegm produces in excessive quantities leading to the narrowing of the airway passage. These passages get inflammated as well, increasing the severity of the disease. 

After having gone through damage for such a long time, the patient may all of a sudden suffer from spasms of lungs tube. This occurrence is known as Asthma attack. In an asthma attack, the person experience coughing, wheezing and suffocation. It is an exhausting and fearful experience for not just the sufferer but the family as well. Due to lack of the air entering the body, the organs become oxygen deprived, making the sufferer feeling bone-tired. Let’s know due to which reasons, someone gets caught in the trap of asthma.

Yoga to fight Asthma

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There are many factors that lead to the development of asthma. The psychological and emotional outburst. Suppression of negative emotions over a long period of time results in asthma. Other factors are exposure to airborne allergens, dietary indiscretion, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle. Hereditary factor also plays a major role in developing asthma. It tends to transfer from one generation to another within a family. Poor metabolism and incapability of an individual’s body to digest well also triggers asthma.

Having discussed the major reason behind the cause of asthma. Let’s now move towards the practices that will help you to fight asthma and destroy it from the root.

Important Note: Consult with your doctor before you practice these poses and breathing exercise. Learn these yoga poses under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor. If you have any other health problem (such as joint pain or back pain), then be careful about the contradictions of each pose.

Yoga Poses to Fight Asthma

Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose): Gomukhasana expands the chest area thus proving to be highly beneficial for people suffering from Asthma. Breath normally while you stay in this pose, feeling each and every breath moving in and out of the body.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose): While you stay in the fish pose, your breathing gets deeper. Regular practice of Matsyasana develops deep respiration which in turn helps to increase the capacity of lungs. Matsyasana is very effective for the sufferers of asthma and bronchitis.

Kandharasana (Setu Bandhasana): The inversion of the chest in Kandharasana improves the flow of blood in the upper part of the body. Kandharasana is known to be highly beneficial in ailments of thyroid and bronchial conditions, prolapse and especially asthma.

Makarasana (Crocodile Pose): The position of the body in Makarasana allows more air to enter the lungs hence improving their efficiency to exchange air properly which was lost due to asthma. Practice this pose for as long as you can with breath awareness.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose): Dhanurasana is another pose that with regular practice, helps to make the breathing deeper. The narrowed airways very gradually begin to open back into their normal size. It is also useful to relieve several other ailments such as diabetes.  

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand): Sarvangasana encourages abdominal breathing, which pulls a large amount of air in the body which is a blessing for an asthmatic. It might be most beneficial for asthmatics as it is capable of reducing emotional stress and psychological struggles. 

Shavasana (Corpse Pose): Shavasana is relaxation pose, it calms the mind and body relieving the physical fatigue caused due to the practice. Relaxation is very important in general as well as during the recovery of a disease. All the benefits that body goes through while the practice, enhance after relaxation.

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Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath)

Practicing Bhastrika gently is highly beneficial for the ailments related to respiratory system. But practice only under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Bhastrika can potentially reduce the over-accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory passage. This will give a great relief to the patient and will make the breathing process smoother. It is also highly beneficial in bringing the peace and one-pointedness of mind.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is very effective in treating asthma from the root. Many people in the history, have completely cured theirself of asthma by merely being on urine fasting for several days. It is just the matter of choice, some might never want to try urine therapy whereas, for many, it may be exactly what they have been looking for. 

Give your body the love, care and respect it deserves.

Thanks for reading.

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Yoga to fight Asthma
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