Yoga for shoulder pain


Yoga for shoulder pain-

Reasons behind your shoulder pain could be many including injury, sitting for longs hours in incorrect posture, unhealthy lifestyle, viral fever (chikungunya and dengue), sprain, overuse(sports), fractures, aging etc. Shoulder pain makes it hard for you to perform everyday activities and restricts the proper functioning of your arm.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, take an initiative as soon as possible rather than ignoring it or waiting for it to go away on its own because as time goes on it is likely to get worse weakening your muscles to a great extent. The sooner you act the sooner you will heal. Today I am going to share with you 3 simple yogic exercises to fix that aching shoulder. So let’s begin.

Starting position: Sit with your legs outstretched, feet should be an inch apart. Your back, neck and head straight and comfortable. Hands on the side resting on the floor with the palms faced down behind the buttocks.

You can also practice given exercises while sitting in a chair or simply while standing. Practice in whatever the position you find more comfortable.Yoga for shoulder pain

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  • Elbow bending

Front: Sit in the starting position. Stretch your arms forward at shoulder level keeping them parallel to the ground with palms facing upward. Now bend your forearm and touch your shoulder with your fingers slightly while keeping your upper arms parallel to the ground, and then straighten. Repeat 5-15 times as per your comfort.

Side: Follow the same procedure as above only keep the arms stretched to the sides (forming T shape with your arms) with your palms facing upward. Practice 5 -15 times.

Keep your breathing normal throughout the practice, go slow and pay attention to the movements of shoulder and elbow joints.

  • Shoulder rotation

Sit in the starting position keep your arms relaxed. Place your palms on your knees comfortably. Raise your shoulder in a circular motion starting from forwarding direction lowering down to backward direction reaching the normal position again.

Important Note: Keep the circle of rotation small in the beginning. As you begin to feel relief, gradually increase the circle of rotation.

  • Shoulder rotations with elbows bent:

Follow the same procedure as above keeping your elbows bent and your fingers slightly touching your shoulder throughout the practice.

Practice 5-15 repetitions and the same number of repetitions in the reverse direction as well.

All of these exercises can be performed 3 times a day. Practice slowly, gently and regularly along with healthy diet for best results.

  • Shoulder forward stretch

Make a fist with both the hands, thumbs and the outer part of your fingers must be touching each other. Bring your hands close to your chest. Inhale and move your arms in the forward direction. Remain in this position for 5 seconds. Exhale and bring your hands close to your chest again. Fingers and thumbs of both the hands should be touching each other throughout the practice. Practice 5-15 times.

These 3 exercises could be performed 3 times a day. Practice slowly, gently and regularly along with a healthy diet for fast recovery.

Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life.

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