Yoga for Lose Face Fat and Double Chin


Many individuals are uncomfortable about how to reduce fat from their face with their facial calories after trying to shed body weight. However, yoga reduces fat and will benefit much from the exercise.

The excellent thing about doing these yoga postures is that they reduce fat from the face, and all you want is a rug with a couple of minutes to spare; no tools are required.

Let’s now examine some yoga postures to reduce fat face.

1. Bhujangasana

All three steps of Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose - how to reduce fat from face
  • Ensure that your feet contact one another as you rest comfortably on your belly with your arms by your sides.
  • Then take a deep breath and lift your head and torso.
  • Get the utmost stretching beneath your jawline by extending your neck far as down as you’re able.

When you need to focus on that extra chin, hold this pose for at least 15 to 30 seconds before returning to the state of rest and repeating.

2. Ustrasana

All three poses of Ustrasana or Camel Pose - reduce fat face
  • Position your arms on your buttocks as you knead on the carpet.
  • Move your spine over the pubic area while inhaling and exhaling as if you were being dragged from the belly.
  • Once your hands are erect, arch your spine and cross your fists over your legs. Keep the posture stiff.

3. Chakrasana

All three poses of Chakrasana or wheel pose - reduce fat face
  • Your legs should be spread hip-width while you lay straight on the ground with your backside.
  • Raise your upper body off the yoga mat while holding onto the backs of your forearms.
  • As such, your neck experiences a tiny stretching, allowing your head to fall loosely. Stay for a few seconds, then do it again.

4. Simha Asana

  • Kneel in a chair. Place your hands on your knees and slant over just a bit.
  • By placing your hands on your knees, you may expand your breast. Next, stretch your wrists and spread your fingertips.
  • Gently breathe and then release, trying to contact your chin with your tongue by pushing it out.
  • Lastly, exhale once again as soon as your face is properly aligned.

5. Chin up-down

  • As you look up at the ceiling, raise your neck. Then, keep your gaze fixed on the roof while squeezing your tongue firmly.
  • 20 seconds into the pose, release the tension. To achieve a defined jawline and reduce your extra chin, repeat this a minimum ten times.

6. Fish Face

  • Suck in your cheekbones to create a pout by squeezing your mouth.
  • Try to grin while remaining in this posture to feel the tension in your cheekbones and jawline.
  • To strengthen your jaw muscles, do this seven to ten times daily while holding for 30 seconds each time.

7. Mouthwash Exercise

Additionally, this method will give you a chiseled chin and toned cheekbones.

  • Try blowing air through one part of your face toward the other by applying mouthwash by filling your mouth with oxygen. Then, perform the workout ten times more after 1-2 minutes.


Your jawline can appear increasingly sculpted and contoured with the help of face meditation. Toning and lifting face tissues will undoubtedly make the mouth and facial structure area appear more contoured and shaped. Additionally, any puffiness or liquid accumulation on the cheeks will be reduced with face rubbing. Finally, you can explore a range of workouts to get rid of your double chin.

Then, go forward and achieve that youthful appearance without paying huge bucks on possibly dangerous procedures or injections. You only need to invest 15 to 20 minutes daily for a couple of days to witness a noticeable impact.


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