Simhasana (Lion Pose) steps and benefits


‘Simhasana’ commonly known as ‘Lion Pose’ is one of the most unique yoga poses. It is probably the only asana that requires you to make a sound. The Sanskrit word Simhasana is derived from two words. ‘Simha’ stands for ‘lion’ and ‘asana’ as we all know means ‘posture’. The sound that is created during Simhasana resembles the roaring sound of a lion.

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Simhasana Steps

Starting Position: Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

  • Distance your knees as far as you can comfortably.
  • The toes of both the feet must be touching each other just as in Vajrasana.
  • Move the body slightly forward. Place the palm of your hands on the floor right between the knees.
  • Turn the wrists outward so that the fingers point toward the body. Keep the arms straight.
  • Slightly arch the back, partially shifting the weight of your body on the wrists. Move the head backward comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and relax the body in this position for a while to feel comfortable.

Simhasana (Lion Pose) steps and benefitsImage Source

  • Now open your eyes and focus your gaze on the eyebrow center. Inhale deeply and slowly.
  • Open your mouth and draw the tongue outwards towards the chin as far as you can.
  • As you exhale from the mouth, produce a sound of ‘aahh’ coming out from your throat.
  • Close the mouth after exhalation and inhale normally. Relax the body in final position.

You may repeat this process for 3 – 5 times. One may also move the tongue from side to side while making the aahh sound.

Practice Note

  • Avoid gazing at the eyebrow center if it makes you feel dizzy. Practice it only for a few seconds and gradually throughout the practice.
  • People with weak wrists may practice Simhasana while sitting in Vajrasana.
  • Don’t exert yourself while making the sound. Try to make it clear and steady.

Simhasana Benefits

  1. Simhasana retains the good health of ears, nose, throat and eyes. Practicing it in front of rising sun makes it more beneficial.
  2. Simhasana effectively reduces emotional stress and diminish frustration.
  3. Useful for people who are shy, often nervous, or introverted in nature. 
  4. Exercises the face and neck muscles keeping the skin tight.
  5. Beneficial for those who stutter.
  6. Develops a deep and clear voice.
  7. Removes tension from the chest.
  8. Useful for those having halitosis.

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