7 Yoga Poses to Ease Sciatica Pain

Can you cure Sciatica with yoga?

Performing downward-facing Dog pose, cobra pose, and locust can help to improve the spine and make it flexible. Yoga poses like the bridge pose. Knees to chest pose and half-moon pose are beneficial for …

5 Yoga Poses for Bulging Cervical Disc

5 Yoga for Bulging Cervical Disc

What is a Bulging Cervical Disc?

A swollen disc may press back into the spinal canal. Because the disc normally bulges toward one side of the canal (either right or left), patients with bulging discs are more likely to experience pain …

7 Yoga Poses for Bulging Disc

Yoga Poses for Bulging Disc

The anatomy of the spine is very impressive, as well as its functions. Spinal column generates from the base of the skull lengthening down to the pelvis. When in the womb, it develop until the time of delivery. After birth, …