Large Wall Mirrors for Yoga Studios and Home Gyms


If you intend to open a yoga studio or to create a home gym, the installation of mirrors will be the key. Mirrors are especially useful for yoga instructors during the demonstration. The instructor does not have to constantly turn around to check the form of his students. Instead, he can view the entire class through mirror reflections and guide them accordingly.

Installing mirrors in a home gym will serve to benefit you in two ways. Firstly, similar to the yoga studio, mirrors allow you to inspect yourself while you are working out. This will enable you to correct any posture issues which may cause injury if not rectified. Additionally, mirrors also act as motivators because they allow you to gauge your progress concurrently with your work out.

Now that we have determined that installing mirrors is an absolute necessity, let us delve into the intricate details. We hope this will make your search for a home gym or yoga studio mirror easier.

The difference in yoga studio mirror and normal mirror

The primary difference between a rudimentary home mirror and a yoga studio mirror is the size. At home, you need a mirror for personal grooming or daily inspection of your dressing. Therefore, you can make it with a small to the medium-sized mirror. However, anything other than a large wall mirror will be useless in a yoga studio. This is because the instructor requires an all-encompassing view of the class. If the same is not made available, it will hamper the instructor’s ability to impart adequate guidance.

Therefore, it is imperative that a mirror of adequate length and breadth of the front-facing wall is installed. Admittedly, it is nearly impossible to get a single mirror that spans an entire wall. It is instead advisable to install rectangular mirror portions across the wall.

Which type of mirror you need for your studio and home gym

Arguably, the most common choice is installing a rudimentary glass mirror. This is because it offers a crisp and clear reflection. An improved variant of glass mirror is the low iron mirror which has comparatively lower amounts of lead in its constitution. Therefore, it has no obvious blue reflective effects. As a result, it offers noticeably greater clarity. It is always advisable to purchase reinforced tempered glass for yoga mirrors because of lasts longer durability. Additionally, such mirrors do not shatter into sharp shards and instead, break into small circular portions.

Mirror Durability

If you are looking for safety on a budget, then it may be wiser to purchase an acrylic mirror. These plastic mirrors are shatterproof and, thus, are ideal if there are many kids in your yoga studio.  However, they are prone to constant discoloration and, therefore, become useless in the long run.

Things to consider when buying a large wall mirror for your yoga studio

Choosing a Gym Mirror

Before you make a decision, there are multiple factors that you have to pay heed to.
First and foremost, you have to concentrate on the size of the mirror. You will have to measure the area where you intend to install the large wall mirror. This will allow you to decide on whether you want one long mirrored structure. If this is not plausible, then you might be forced to get smaller portions and combine them in the installation area. Regardless, it is always better to order a customized mirror because it will give you the best results.

Gym and Yoga Mirror

You will also have to determine the thickness, which is proportional to the price that you will have to keep in mind while purchasing. Regardless, a thick mirror is a robust mirror which is something you may want to consider.

How to find the best place to install a large wall mirror in your studio?

The ideal positioning for a mirror is at the front of the class. Think of it as a blackboard or a whiteboard. Your students should be turned towards the mirror so that you can keep them in check. Additionally, if your budget allows you, then you can install a mirror on the sidewall as well. However, it is unwise to place mirrors on opposite walls. This is because opposing reflections cause confusion due to an inaccurate perception of depth.

Gym and Yoga Mirror Fab Glass | Large Wall Mirrors

Where to buy your desired mirror for your home gym

Paying heed to all the factors we have mentioned above can be problematic. After all, there are several facets that you have to keep in mind. Additionally, it is difficult to find the perfect fit which boasts all the features that you require. In order to make your life easier, we recommend fab glass and mirror HD Gym and Studio Mirror. This is a tempered glass mirror which boasts robust clarity. It is devoid of any copper or metal content. Lastly, it also allows you to install the mirror yourself, making it the perfect option for your home gym. It can be ordered in a multitude of dimensions at discounted prices.


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