5 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients


Along with medical treatment for cancer, therapeutic activities like yoga can help to heal the mind, body and spirit during the cancer battle. There are several studies which demonstrate the benefits of yoga in cancer patients.

Yoga poses that can help in the cancer battle are- Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani), Seated spinal twist, Seated meditation, reclined bound angle (Baddha Konasana), etc.

Viparita Karani

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5 benefits of yoga for cancer patients are as follows-

Helps to reduce stress

When you are fighting against a life-threatening disease you experience physical, emotional and mental stress and yoga can help you overcome this stress. Studies have found that practising a  seven-week yoga routine could decrease the probability of developing mood disturbance by up to 65%. Other research has discovered that the reduction in stress improves appetite, quality of life and also could be responsible for the decrease in pain.

Lowers fatigue

In cancer patients, studies have associated yoga with reduced fatigue. It was reported that there is a significant decrease in fatigue when yoga is practiced. Studies also showed that the increase in the number of yoga sessions per week decreases more fatigue in patients.

Promotes better sleep

When you are physically and mentally stressed you face difficulty in sleeping, but healing requires enough rest. It is known that yoga can help with insomnia and makes it easier for cancer patients to relax at night. Research has shown that yoga can help in improving the quality of sleep, efficiency and duration.

Improves physical functioning

Your ability to move is affected by cancer when you spend time in the hospital or you are sick at home makes your body sore and stiff and you face difficulty in performing your daily tasks. In the form of regular exercise, yoga is a gentle method to stay flexible and dynamic. A report of 16 trials found that regular practice of yoga can improve functional well-being in both cancer survivors and patients.

Lowers risk of recurrence

Dr. DiNome of regular yoga practice says- It has been shown to result in decreased body fat density, which may help to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. One of the risk factors for cancer is obesity and it is important to manage your risks even after diagnosis and recovery. Yoga is just one of the ways to keep your risks at bay.

Side Effects and Precautions

Yoga is usually safe if done correctly and under the supervision of an expert.

Take a gap of at least two hours after eating to practice yoga. Do not practice yoga at home without the supervision of an expert. Before you begin, inform your teacher of any medical issues you may be experiencing, such as back or joint pain.

Stop if any of your postures are painful. Never attempt difficult poses, such as head and shoulder stands, without instructions. Pregnant or menstruating women should not perform some postures. Take expert guidance on which ones. After each lesson, drink plenty of water.

Why people with Cancer use yoga

Yoga has been used to treat various symptoms in cancer patients, including exhaustion, sleep difficulties, and appetite loss. It also helps to reduce the problems caused during chemotherapy. Yoga may reduce cancer risk by assisting with weight control, regulating sex hormones or insulin, and strengthening the immune system. It may improve the life quality of life during cancer therapy.


Cancer patients can practice yoga to overcome stress, insomnia, fatigue, etc. Above mentioned are a few benefits for cancer patients which can be beneficial for them.

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