The Best Yoga Stretches for Those Suffering from Addiction


Those who have received treatment for an addiction, you’ll know just how important yoga can be. When going through the rehab process, practicing yoga forms part of a routine that can really help you control your mind and get back on track.

Whether a person is in , alcohol or anything else, yoga plays a big part and is something that most will continue well into their recovery, if not for the rest of their lives.

If you feel you are suffering from addiction or substance abuse but haven’t received treatment – firstly, do- then consider yoga to help you start to get your mind focused on the task in hand.

You may never have even made a pose in anger before but the power of yoga can even change a beginner’s life in relatively quick timing, finding calm and peace among a chaotic life.

But what are the best poses for people to start with when it comes to aiding their cravings and addiction?

The Sitting Mountain

The sitting mountain is one of the simplest of stretches to undertake and is ideal for a beginner. There are a number of benefits to yoga pose as it opens up the heart and invites stillness into the body and mind. It’s that calm that is needed when it comes to developing a clear mind.

The pose involves kneeling with your knees pointing forward. Sit back on your knees and then breathe deeply and slowly. It’s one of the more recognisable yoga poses and has proven very powerful.

Child’s Pose

Child pose or Balasana - yoga for addiction

Another stretch that is relatively easy to master, the child’s pose sees the knees remain in the same position as the sitting mountain, but opened slightly with your head lowered to the floor.

This stretch is designed to relieve tension from the shoulders and improve mental fatigue, which can certainly occur when stressed. Stress will often lead to cravings for an addiction so relieving this through yoga is crucial in the recovery process.


Baddha Konasana or Butterfly pose - yoga for addictions

Another position that many will be familiar with when they see it. The butterfly is a sitting pose that sees the soles of your feet join together when sat up straight.

This is another tension relieving stretch that offers a freeing feeling, free of all the guilt, cravings and stress that addiction may be causing.

There are of course many more, and you can find some great poses to help with your addiction by clicking here.


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