11 Benefits Of Using Meditation Beads In Your Meditation Practice


One of the most ancient practices of Meditation is by using meditation beads or Japa Malas as they are also known as. Meditation beads are found to be very helpful for people looking for ways to balance their mind, and reconnect with their inner peace. Most of the time people use malas containing 108 or more beads for the sake of meditation. These gemstones include of all kinds – peace, abundance plus healing, these are helpful when paired with the meditation beads.

Now let’s look at the magic that the meditation beads have to offer. You must be curious as to why these meditation beads are important considering that one can easily follow the path of meditation in other ways apart from this. While this is true, we are sure that you will reconsider your preference after reading the benefits the meditation beads have to offer.

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  • Helps remove negative thoughts of the mind

Yes, through the help of the Japa mala you can indeed accomplish this task. There is no doubt that the human mind is home to everything negative. So much so that the positive thoughts are outnumbered by the negative ones. To undo this process and replace the negative vibes with positive ones, all you need to do is isolate yourself for meditation and seek the use of a meditation bead. While this may not seem the best idea right now, when you actually sit down to count the beads while focusing on the mantras you will surely get how the process works. The Japa mantra method is beneficial, do try it!

  • Helps in controlling your breathing

The other alternative for health and Yoga for people is pranayama also known as breathing exercises. They have many benefits to themselves. Your lifestyle is said to improve if you take out 1 hour in the morning just to perform pranayama exercises. The use of om shivaloka meditation beads is also as effective as performing breathing exercises. By the implementation of these, you can slow down your breathing as well as take control of your respiration in a way that only reaps you a lot of health benefits and increases your blood circulation.

  • Helps you in improving your focus

Again, meditation beads come into play here. Given the number of tasks all of us are subjected to, people these days have problems with focusing on a single task. We are so used to multitasking that we find it hard to concentrate on the job ahead of us. This distances us from people because we are becoming more self-centered. The usage of meditation beads helps in making us conscious of ourselves and the things around us while improving our focus at the same time.

  • Helps you stick to commitments

Let’s be real, sticking to tasks we are committed to be boring. All of us are looking for ways to delay and get out of them. However, if you can take a meditation bead and manage to sit through counting all of them, then why won’t you be able to power through that task you’ve been assigned?

  • Makes you disciplined in life

Discipline is another virtue that all of us should inculcate in our lives. If everything went haywire, then what fun would there be in life? Being on the correct time, completing that task before the deadline and sticking to that to-do list is small but important in the bigger picture of our lives.

  • Increases your Inner strength

Practicing with meditation beads has been proven to give you a sense of inner strength and power from the inside. This boosts your look towards life and yourself.

  • Reconnecting with yourself

Meditating is an outlet that people can use to find peace within themselves. There is so much of chaos going on in our lives that sometimes the only way we can come to peace with ourselves is through meditation. You can get to know yourself better by investing more of your time in finding your inner peace and sense of mind.

  • It helps you in maintaining a clean mind

As mentioned before, you can reverse the process of letting in negative thoughts and replace them with more positive thoughts and establish a positive outlook towards life and your personality. The methods of Japa mantra are very simple, but they have great importance in life. Just by engaging yourself in mediation through meditation beads you will notice the positive results in yourself within weeks.

  • It aligns all of the energies in your body

Energy is said to play a huge role in the well-being of your body. Emotional health and physical health are two separate identities and must be equally paid importance to. Negligence of either of the two in any way may lead to a blow to your way of living. Due to this reason, it is very important to keep a balance in your way of living while maintaining your emotional and physical health at the same time. For doing so, meditation beads are your way to go to.

  • You learn to be humble

Opting for the meditation beads, you will only do yourself a favor as this is the way to go in life. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself but you also learn to live life in a better perspective. You will be able to look at yourself from a different angle, your decisions will turn out to be more rationalized and you as a person will learn to be down to earth.

  • Sticking to set goals

Another one of its benefits is you will be able to see yourself nearing your set goals without putting them off for another time. You learn to be true to your goals.


Adopting the methods of meditation beads will surely take you a long way in life. Try it for changing your perspective on health, life and yourself as a person.


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