The Advantages Of Adding Yoga To Your Exercise Program


Modern age will forever be indebted to ancient times. Many of the old remedies still work like wonder. Yoga is one of those ancient wonders. People have been using yoga for more than 5000 years. It didn’t lose its appeal still now because of its incredible benefits. Yoga is a mental, spiritual, and physical practice. It is generally considered a meditation and relaxation method in the west. But along with meditation, yoga can be used as exercise too.

These are some advantages you can gain by adding yoga in your workout.

Perfection and Congestion in your exercise program:

In your exercise program, you have to consider a lot of things. Eating healthy and natural is the most important thing. You can only get proper nourishment when you consume all types of food. Prorganiq Blog shows a lot of ways you can add natural remedies to your food habit. Like a healthy diet plan, the variety of different forms of exercise are also significant.

Among the four major categories of exercises (Strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility), balance and flexibility improvement exercises are mostly dependent on yoga. Without the full implication of all four types, a balanced workout plan is impossible. Balance exercises can help to prevent falls, also a handy form of exercise for obese people. Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and help you to be flexible. And being flexible helps you with other activities as it gives you more freedom of movement.

As yoga is ideal as both Balance and Flexibility improvement exercise, adding yoga in your workout routine will give it perfection.

Becoming a mindful eater:

A journal by Harvard Medical School said yoga has helped people to increase mindfulness in many aspects of their life, including eating. Mindfulness is a state that requires giving attention to the moment you are experiencing without judging circumstances. Researchers found that people who practice yoga tend to be more mindful eaters. That means they are more careful about what they eat and can relish each bite or sip properly and enjoy the taste and flavor. This habit is crucial in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Helps in weight-loss:

There are many types of yoga. Some examples of yoga can help you to lose weight too! Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is the type of yoga you are looking for, and some of its forms can raise your heart rate and burn fats. Ashtanga is a type of intense yoga that consists of some postures known as the Sun Salutations. It sculpts your upper body. Hot yoga is also accessible among weight loss yoga. It is done in a heated room of 101 degrees Fahrenheit and said to be beneficial to people with joint pain.

Restorative yoga is not that strenuous type of yoga. It is the centering of your body and breath while practicing tranquility or mild movements for a little longer. Surprisingly, it has proved to be helpful in weight loss among obese women, especially in the abdomen area.

Improving your physical fitness:

According to the US National Institute of Health, a journal published saying ‘Young subjects who were given several years of yoga training showed broad improvement in their cardiovascular endurance. It has helped lowering blood pressure in people who have hypertension. Asanas specifically have a good effect on the body’s flexibility.

Yoga positions are also favorable for the problem joints, and it also gives attention to the muscle and joints that aren’t used regularly. Maximizes spinal flexibility and core power are added benefits that can increase physical durability. Moreover, it is considered the only form of exercise which stimulates internal organs if it’s done regularly.

When doing Pranayama or yogic, breathing focuses on controlling breathing, which is also a type of breathing exercise. As it improves breathing, it can maximize the performance of lung and heart to keep them healthy.

Psychological benefits :

Yoga helps to have a better body image. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga are less critical and more accepting of their body image because it helps to concentrate on one’s body’s ability at that moment. Another study by NIH has shown that regular yoga reduces Cortisol, a stress hormone known to cause depression.

The popularity of yoga is increasing as an auxiliary therapy to improve the quality of life of people in need of psychological help. Spiritual well being, improving social function, and being able to sleep better are few of the best things yoga can offer.

The final say is that yoga has many benefits to be added to your exercise program.

You don’t need any pricy equipment to start it, nor you need any gymnasium. Though most of the yoga types are simple, it’s better to consult with a yoga instructor. There are both relaxing and intense types of yoga. It works like Yin and Yang. You should look into your current exercise program to decide which type of yoga you include in it.

If your workout session already has some heavy exercises, you should go for more relaxing or restorative yoga. But if you don’t have time for heavy tasks, you can include some strenuous yoga like Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga. You should also be cautious of your physical ability, as some of the yoga types can be a little for you if you have some physical conditions like musculoskeletal disorder.




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