The Road to Recovery Starts with Toe Stretches


Getting up and walking after hip surgery here in Highland is possible if you invest time and effort on recovery. Once you have been released by the doctor and cleared for physical activity, you have to work hard. If you can’t stand up and walk yet, there are still a few things you can do.

Let’s kickstart recovery with a few toe exercises!

Footnotes to home therapy

There are a few things you have to remember as soon as you leave the hospital. First of all, start with a routine that you can follow realistically. If you cannot do it every day, then do the exercises at least thrice a week. Make a note on the calendar and set an alarm if you have to.

Secondly, always follow your doctor’s recommendations. After surgery, certain movements should be avoided for a specified period. Do not even attempt to challenge these orders.

Toe stretches 

Start with a couple of simple toe stretches. If you can sit on a chair or the edge of the bed, do so with your back straight. To stretch the feet, press the big toe downward while raising the other toes in the opposite direction.

You can do the exercise with both feet splaying outward in opposite directions. With each stretch, count to six and repeat ten times. Do the exercise for three sets before starting on the next one where you’ll stretch the big toe by itself.

It is vital to stretch the big toe to keep it flexible and ready for strengthening exercises.

Building toe strength and flexibility


Here’s another exercise that you can do at home. Keep the toes on the floor with the heels flat as well. Start by raising both heels together while the balls of the feet are on the floor. Lower both heels after counting to five. You can do the same activity for ten repetitions before taking a break.

Another form of this exercise involves raising not only the heels but the rest of the foot as well. In this variation, only the tips of the first two toes touch the ground. For both exercises, you can do the same activity for both feet simultaneously or do so with alternating feet.

When you feel any discomfort or pain, especially in the hip area, or perhaps the knee or your feet discontinue the exercise immediately.

Strengthening with marbles and towels

You won’t need to purchase specific exercise tools to strengthen the muscles of the feet. A handful of marbles or any round object of similar size should be adequate. Set up a container on the floor, and pick each round object using your toes. If marbles are hard to come by, use a towel.

Place a towel on the ground and scrunch the towel using your toes. Grip on the towel folds tightly and pull the towel towards your body.

Remember not to exert yourself too much. Wait for a day when you are feeling up to it before starting to exercise. Even toe exercises could be stressful to your body when it’s not ready. You don’t want to return to the hospital too soon!


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