Best 4 Handpicked Health Retreats in Bali


Bali is renowned as a top tourist destination. And it prides in being one of the world’s best spiritual and wellness city. It’s jammed with picturesque scenes and has loads of refreshing recreation activities. It is famed as a meditation, organic cuisines, and yoga hotspot. And there it is the right place for your next health retreats in Bali.

Bali health retreat packages - Bali sunset view

Here is a selection of the top health retreats to choose from in your upcoming health retreat tour in Bali.

Zen Resort Bali - Outside View of a Structure
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14 Day Slimming Ayurveda Retreat-Seririt Bali


  1. Place –  Zen Resort in Bali
  2. Location – Seririt
  3. 14 days stay covers – Ayurveda, detoxification; naturopathy doctors; and potent dietary blends
  4. The resort has covered with tropical gardens and oceans

The thought of slimming in only 14 days might sound unreal. But you have to try the Ayurveda slimming retreat for the first-hand experience. Hosted in the serene and tranquil Zen Resort in Bali, which overlooks tropical gardens and oceans, the sanctuary offers a unique package of tailored for all weight loss needs.

Your weight loss package for health retreats is a mix of Ayurvedic weight pearls of wisdom, detoxify, Naturopathy doctors, and a bunch of potent dietary blends.

serenity eco guest house - pool view
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31 Day Serenity Solo Yoga Holiday


  1. Place – Serenity Eco Guest House
  2. Location – Canggu Beach
  3. Covered with sparkling waters and exhilarating atmosphere
  4. 31 days healthy yoga retreat session with Vipassana and exploring the nature

Revered by both surfers and Yogis, is the Serenity Eco Guest House at Canggu beach. And it is one of those places that is therapeutic by nature. The serene, sparkling waters and the lush vegetation provide an exhilarating atmosphere that is bound to rejuvenate anyone.

The one-month long health retreat offers a perfect way of wiping out your worries and embarking on a soul healing journey. The unlimited vipassana yoga sessions, Island and beach exploration, and the pleasant environment provide you with an opportunity to self-explore and declutter your mind.

Bagus Jati Resort in Bali - pool view and hut

5 Day Yoga & Healing Luxury Retreat, Ubud in Bali


  • Place – Bagus Jati and Wellbeing Resort
  • Location – Ubud Town
  • Package includes – 5 days of luxury treatment has a nature walk, yoga, and aerobics and organic meals

If you want a Bali yoga retreat package encompassing luxury and spiritually uplifting, then Ubud has a plethora of such retreat events. Set in Bagus Jati, the five-day retreat is one of the most extensive and rewarding retreat sessions. The 5-acre retreat location has a dense vegetation cover full of exotic birds and butterflies. From nature walks, aerobics, unlimited yoga sessions, and organic meals, Bagus Jati has everything. Learn more about it at Yovada.

And irrespective of your wellbeing needs, the retreat has staff, well versed with mind control and spiritual healing tricks.

Bagus Jati Resort in Bali - greenery and sky view

8 Day Yoga & Detox in Stylish Retreat, in Ubud Bali


  • Place – Bagus Jati and Wellbeing Resort
  • Location – Downside of Green Hills
  • 8 days package Includes – detox sessions and diet, yoga and meditation

A Bali healthy retreat tour for couples is never complete without sessions of detox. Right in Bagus Jati, a reservation of the eight-day retreat is the best decision you can ever make. Located on the downside of green hills, nestled in a distant jungle far away from the city, Bagus Jati is a mini paradise in Ubud Bali.

The location provides an atmosphere tailored for relaxation, mental wellness, and spiritual wellbeing. The retreat package includes detox diet programs, detox sessions with a specialist, daily yoga sessions, spas, and a meditation program.


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