Urine therapy and its implementation 


Urine therapy known as ‘Amaroli’ or ‘Shivambu’ in Yoga is a method of self-healing by digesting one’s own urine. If you are reading about it for the first time, you might be feeling a bit nauseatic. But it’s true that your own urine has the power to cure almost any kind of disease. Even cancer and HIV AIDS‘ patients have saved their own lives by merely applying urine therapy. A completely healthy person may also practice Urine Therapy to conserve his/her vigor and vitality. People all over the world have been practicing urine therapy for thousands of years.                                                           Image Source

Most of us assume that urination is a process of eliminating all the liquid waste from the body. You must know that the components of the urine contain 95% water, 2.5 % urea and the remaining 2.5%  contains a mixture of salts, minerals, hormones and enzymes. It is by no means harmful to the body. Rather it is completely sterile as well as antiseptic. The properties of Urine makes it completely safe for consumption after following a recommended diet.

If you suffer from a disease, you might have grown some interest in Urine therapy. There are a few simple things that you need to keep in mind before trying out this miraculous method of natural healing. There are two methods through which Urine therapy is carried out. In the first method, you massage your urine on your body. While the other one contains drinking your fresh urine. Take a look at what else you should know.

How to practice Urine Therapy 

  • The first thing you need to change before you go for urine therapy is your diet. You need to eat fresh fruits, boiled or baked vegetables, boiled pulses, vegetable soup, rice and dry fruits (soaked in water overnight) in small quantities.
  • If you are going through some kind of medication, it is better to start with urine massage on the body. Avoid urine therapy while being on medication.
  • Avoid consumption of any harmful thing such as alcohol, cigarette, oily/ fried or baked eatables. The non-vegetarian diet must be strictly excluded. Tea and coffee must be avoided as well.
  • Follow a fix a time for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you maintain a healthy diet you will already notice a slight difference.
  • The best way to start urine therapy is while being on water fast. No food no fruit and no juices. Water fast once in a weak will also ease the pain. Have a water fast a day before you start urine therapy if possible. Take rest and do not engage in activities that are hard on your body.
  • Collect your first urine of the morning. Take a cup or glass that is sufficient enough. Let the first few drops of urine pass without any disruption, collect the midstream urine. The last stream of the urine must be avoided.
  • Drink your urine within a few minutes of its collection. If you notice positive results, you may drink 4 to 5 glasses of your fresh urine every day.
  • If you want to start with massaging, store it in a big container. Continue to collect your urine for a few days (till afternoon) until there is enough to massage on the whole body. Age it for at least 4 days to use it later. You may store it for upto 8 days.

It takes different time for each individual to recover from the disease. The severity, history of the disease, your age etc. also play a significant role in recovery. Though one can easily notice a difference within a week when practiced right, along with healthy diet. For better knowledge of urine therapy refer to the books: ‘Miracles of Urine Therapy’ by Morarji Desai, ‘The Water of Life’ by John W. Armstrong and ‘Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy’ by Jagdish R Bhurani. The first one I found the most useful among three. 

In my opinion, if health really matters to you; you will not hesitate to try it out. Rather it will give you new hopes to experience again how it feels to be pain-free. How it feels to be able to put your best in everything. How it feels the way you used to when you had the freedom to engage in any physical activity. It is definitely worth trying urine therapy. Live the life you deserve to live. Give your body the love, care and respect it deserves.

Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life.

Thanks for reading.

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Urine therapy and its implementation 
Article Name
Urine therapy and its implementation 
Urine therapy known as 'Amaroli' or 'Shivambu' in Yoga is a method of self-healing by digesting one's own urine. Your own urine has the power to cure almost any kind of disease. Even cancer and HIV AIDS' patients have saved their own lives by merely applying urine therapy.


“Urine therapy and its implementation ”

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