Healing Variation of Yoga Poses


A set of specific yoga poses proves to be very efficient in the cure/ prevention/control of some particular disease, condition or injury. But in some severe cases or when the person is in very old age, these poses might even worsen the condition. And that’s why some poses are practiced in a more mild manner. Some of them have been given name while some go just as simple version. You will not learn them if you go for a yoga program or classes. As these poses are not meant for yoga practitioners with a healthy body. Someone with very stiff body may also practice them to develop flexibility.

The simple variation of poses was invented majorly for the purpose of healing. Most of them turn out immensely beneficial in some particular condition. Old age people find them very easy and comfortable to practice. Though such poses might come handy for someone with injury or condition in early age as well. These simplified poses contribute a lot to the process of recovery. Some people experience relief just after the practice of a few days or mostly a week. So let’s know which poses are we exactly talking about.

Note: Most of the below poses focuses on back ailments.

Healing/Simple Version of Yoga Poses

Standing Poses

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Condition: During Pregnancy

Mountain pose is a great way to stretch the whole body from head to toe. Highly useful for children willing to have their best height. This pose is very beneficial for pregnant women during 1st and 2nd trimester. But the heels must not be raised. It makes the pose safe to practice during pregnancy.

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Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Condition: Bulging Disc

The side of the torso stretches as you practice Triangle Pose. Therefore it also works as a pain reliever for those who are going through a bulging lumbar disc. In this pose you bent the knee of the side to which you bend. Or use a block on the floor to rest your hand of it. Both of these measures will make the practice safe.

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Supine Poses

Kandharasana (Bridge Pose)

Condition: Backache, bulging or herniated disc

Bridge Pose work wonders for the spine and the female reproductive system. It is one of the most gentle yoga poses for back conditions. Make it efficient and safe for yourself by lifting the spine to a very little extent. Some people feel instant relief in the back after or during the practice of Kandharasana.

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Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Condition: Bad Backache

Wind-relieving pose tones the muscles of the lower back. It releases the tension from spinal vertebrae. But it must not be attempted in case of other severe condition of the back. Practice this pose by keeping the head down. Start with one leg at a time and then practice with both legs together.

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Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Condition: Back problems and pregnancy

Shavasana is a great relaxation pose. It has great effects on mind and body. There is condition or problem in which you can’t practice this pose. But in some cases the body needs support. If you have any back problems. You need to put a pillow below your head and knees. Also in pregnancy, a folded blanket is recommended behind the upper back.

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Poses while lying on the abdomen

Saral Dhanurasana (Easy Bow Pose)

Condition: Cervical spondylitis and herniated disc

Dhanurasana is good for a lot of our body parts such as liver, alimentary canal, kidney, abdominal organs, pancreas, adrenal glands and a lot more. Its simple variation is Saral Dhanurasana which works very effectively for above conditions. In a simple variation, the rise of the limbs is limited. That’s all.

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Saral Bhujangasana (Easy Cobra Pose)

Condition: Stiff back and bulging disc

Cobra pose strengthens the spine like no other foundational pose. It seems easy but it takes quite a long time to master this pose using the minimum support of arms. That’s when you get the most benefits. In the simple variation, the body is raised while having the support of elbows.

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Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)

Condition: Backache, mild sciatica, mild slipped or bulging disc

The practice of Shalabhasana, in general, develops a strong lower back. Its simple version may be safely done in the above condition. In the simple version, you raise the left leg and right arm at the same time. That’s for one side, the same goes for another side with the right leg and left arm at the same time. Raise as per your comfort.


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Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

Condition: Sciatica and slipped disc

Makarasana in itself is quite effective for the above condition. But this variation may be more beneficial in case of a slipped disc. Lie down in Makarasana, raise your leg and try to touch your buttock with your heel and then return it to the floor. Follow the same with left leg. Practice with one leg at the time and the with both after a week or so of regular practice.

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So here you had the poses which are of great benefit when you are struggling with any of the given condition. Even though they are all very gentle but if you still experience difficulty in any. Avoid the practice of that particular pose.

Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life.

Thanks for reading.

Healing Variation of Yoga Poses
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Healing Variation of Yoga Poses
The simplified version of some yoga poses is very efficient in healing a condition or injury. Learn these healing variation of yoga poses to tackle yours.
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