7 Extraordinary Benefits of Urine Therapy


Urine therapy is probably one of the most criticized amongst any other form of healing. Though it is the easiest, affordable, natural, reliable and independent form of self-recovery. But only when you are strong enough to accept it as a blessing.

A well-known figure in the world of Urine Therapy, Dr. John Armstrong wrote a book named ‘The Water of Life’ to share his own experience of self-treatment through urine therapy. Through this book, he revolutionized the infamous concept of urine therapy all over the world. Armstrong mentions numerous stories of the patients that cured untreatable diseases with the help of urine therapy.

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In India, Dr. Paragji Desai and Rajivbhai Patel gave a huge contribution to bring light on Urine Therapy. The former prime minister, Moraraji Desai emphasized on the practice of urine therapy for not only treating a disease but to retain vitality. In 1978, Moraraji was invited to an American television news programme for an interview. Moraraji revealed the secret to his great health and spread the awareness on Urine Therapy benefits in that interview.

If you want to try urine therapy ensure you do a proper research on this healing method. Better try and read a book with proper instructions and diet. Diet is very important in urine therapy, you can’t just eat whatever you like and then go on to practice urine therapy. First get into the habit of eating healthy, only then start urine therapy. Like numerous people who cured their disease, you may as well make your body and life better again. 

For better knowledge of urine therapy refer to the books: ‘Miracles of Urine Therapy’ by Morarji Desai, ‘The Water of Life’ by John W. Armstrong and ‘Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy’ by Jagdish R Bhurani. The first one I found the most useful among three. 

Given below are some general benefits of Urine Therapy that everyone can experience.

1. Lustrous Skin

Starting at the surface. The application of fresh or aged urine on your face or any part of the body can give you better results than those expensive cosmetic products. Believe it or not, many people have treated severe skin conditions by the use of urine therapy. Any kind of skin condition is treatable by urine massage. Even if you have no skin problem you will still be amazed by the effects of urine on your skin.

2. Healthy Eyes

One can correct his/her eyesight by putting a drop of urine in the eyes. Or you may dip your fingers in urine and gently apply them on your eyes. Another way is to bath your eyes in urine for a few seconds every day. Splashing your eyes with urine is also an option. Eye vision is also connected to the liver in some way. Drinking urine also improves the functioning of liver hence improving eyesight.

3. Anti Allergic

You end up having an allergy when your immune system behaves negatively towards a pollen, food, dust, odor etc. Your system becomes hypersensitive towards such substances. Immune system develops antibodies when it considers something allergen or harmful. Urine contains a small number of antibodies which are capable of resolving this kind of response. Thus urine therapy is said to have anti-allergic properties.

4. Heart Health

Heart problems are caused due to the blockage of blood vessels or arteries. Poor lifestyle leads to such occurrence in the body. In long term, a weak heart may lead to a heart attack or stroke. An enzyme named as Urokinase is present in the urine. This enzyme prevents the blocking of arteries or blood vessels. It also leads to the well functioning of the heart. Therefore, Urine therapy helps one to maintain a healthy heart.

5. Boost Immune System

The immune system plays the role of preventing the body from any kind of illness. A weak immune system leads to you getting sick more often and longer. When you drink urine it strengthens the immune system making it more efficient in fighting against any upcoming or existing disease. That’s why urine therapy has been very successful for those who did it right. It made their immune system strong enough to fight the worst conditions in the body.

6. Promotes hair growth

Urine massage on the scalp is highly beneficial for hair follicles. Gradually it strengthens hair follicles and continues to reduce hair fall. The hair soon starts growing back. The antiseptic property of urine is quite effective in treating other scalp issues such as the itchy scalp, infections and dandruff. The consistency of urine application on the scalp may re-grow the hair on the bald patches. It prevents premature hair greying and retains natural hair volume.

7. Prevents Cancer

A disease that has taken away numerous lives is actually curable when handled correctly. In a widely recognized book, ‘The water of life’, J.W Armstrong has talked in a great length about cancer and how numerous patients were miraculously cured by Urine Therapy. These patients not only got rid of cancer, they continued to live a long healthy life. Uric acid present in the urine plays the role to kill cancerous cells and prevent any further growth of them.


Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life.

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