How To Get Flawless Makeup For Dark Skin: 9 Power Tips


Ladies, embrace your natural self and follow these 9 power tips to achieve an enviable makeup look every single time.

How To Get Flawless Makeup For Dark Skin: 9 Power Tips

Don’t forget to moisturize

Now this power tip isn’t just for women with dusky complexion. When you apply makeup on dry skin, it causes the foundation to crack, making creases visible on your skin. So always moisturize well, you don’t want to have dry patches variably visible on your skin. Do you?

Pick the precise foundation shade

The first golden rule for women with dusky skin is to never use a foundation tone lighter than their own skin tone. It can make your skin appear dull and greyish. Invest some time and effort to find the perfect foundation that matches your skin tone. This will help you create a seamless and natural finish.

dusky skin wrong foundation - How To Get Flawless Makeup For Dark Skin: 9 Power Tips

Pro Tip: To find the perfect foundation for dark skin, you should swatch the tester on your jaw instead of swatching it on your neck or arm.

Do not ignore your neck

We often see ladies completely ignoring to cover their neck area. You should not forget to apply foundation on your neck as applying foundation only on the face creates a shade difference between your face and the body from face down. It looks quite odd.

The perfect concealer

Just like the foundation, it is extremely important to pick the correct shade of concealer. The right concealer with not just hide your blemishes but also give a better finish and definition to your face. Choose a shade lighter to your skin and use it to cover dark circles, acne or blemishes if any. You can apply the concealer either by using a concealer brush or small sponges.

Play up your eyes

makeup for dark and dusky skin How To Get Flawless Makeup For Dark Skin: 9 Power Tips

Opt for vibrant shades for your eye makeup. You can pick an eyeshadow in metallic shades like gold, copper, green and burgundy. Add a hint of metallic in the inner eye corners of your eyes and use brow highlighters to achieve a mesmerizing look.

Go bold with blush

Have you been advised to not use bold blushes? My love, you’ve been guided in the different direction. When it comes to blush, no one can carry brighter blushes than women with dusky skin tones. You can pick from a variety of shades like coral, rose, peach, pink, plum, wine, and bronze. However, it’s best to avoid nude shades like browns and beiges.

dusky skin colour correction - How To Get Flawless Makeup For Dark Skin: 9 Power Tips

Pro Tip: For evening gatherings, shimmer blushes with gold undertones are a must have!

Go dark on lips

You should opt for darker shades than lighter ones. You can choose from a rich palette of reds, browns, berry, plum, burgundy, and mauve, they’ll all look great on you. Avoid pastel shades as they can make you look washed out. Also, maroons and brick shades can make your face look darker.



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