Yoga Poses for Glowing and Radiant Skin

Health Retreat in Bali - Girl is Posing on Beach

Ungratefulness by your own skin has got to be the worst backstab in the history of backstabs. Talk about acne, breakouts among other skin disorders that make you dread getting out of bed because “here we go again”. Well, why …

The Youth Mental Health Crisis

youth mental crisis

Today’s youth are navigating an ever-changing world laden with technological innovations that alter the way we live. Navigating the modern landscape of society can be a challenge at times. With the widespread use of social media and new ways of …

How the Elderly Benefit from Yoga

CBD with Yoga

Bob Harper once said:

“Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.”

If you are over 65, there are many yoga benefits for elders, chances are you’d like to improve some of the following: heart …

Why Should You Buy One Protein Bars?

Why choose yoga over exercise?

Are you a workaholic person? You want to keep yourselves always busy and find it difficult not to work? But you have problems with your body and wonder how to keep yourselves energetic all day long?

Believe that I can understand …

Best 4 Handpicked Health Retreats in Bali

Health Retreat in Bali - Girl is Posing on Beach

Bali is renowned as a top tourist destination. And it prides in being one of the world’s best spiritual and wellness city. It’s jammed with picturesque scenes and has loads of refreshing recreation activities. It is famed as a meditation, …